Helvanın Tarihçesi

The name Halva comes from the Arabic word hulviyyat or halaviyyat. Halva in contemporary Arabic; It is used in the sense of cute, beautiful and includes all kinds of sweets.

Tahin Helvası Nasıl Üretilir ?

Tahini halva; A solid homogeneous, thin fibrous product obtained by mixing and kneading tahini in accordance with its technique by using sugar, drinking water, citric acid or tartaric acid and gypsum extract.

The secret of Defne Halva, preserving its traditional taste, lies in the experience of special craftsmanship from the day it was founded and being additive free and hygienic in the production process.

Best Recipes For You

Etli Humus

It is an appetizer prepared with meat hummus, chickpeas and tahini, one of the most special flavors of Lebanese cuisine, from Chef Hassan Obeid.

Tahini Cake

Tahini, known as the crushed and roasted form of sesame, is mostly used in breakfast tables and dessert making in our country. This food, which has positive effects on the liver; It is consumed as a sauce in Japan and Israel.

Molasses Flour Halva

It has been among the indispensable desserts of Turkish and Ottoman cuisine for centuries, thanks to its delicious taste and nutritious feature. It has a very important place in Turkish cuisine and culture.