Defne Helva

Altındemir İthalat ve İhracat Şti Ltd was founded in 2005 and has operated in the wholesale food business and retail until 2012. In 2012, the company started investing in Halva and tahini production facilities in the Güvercinlik industrial area and completed its investment in 2013, and started the production with the Defne Halva brand. Since 2013, we continued investing and added peanut butter and cold-pressed natural oil products to our product portfolio.

Our company ranks first in Northern Cyprus in terms of market share and capacity.

Defne Halva is one of the leading brand preferred by consumers with its taste and quality, making its mission to remind our new generations of the traditional taste of halva with its unique taste and has made many innovations in products such as tahini, molasses and halva.

The secret of Defne Halva, preserving its traditional taste, lies in the experience of special craftsmanship from the day it was founded and being additive free and hygienic in the production process.

Our Quality Policy

  • The company gives its employees the opportunity to develop themselves and take on new responsibilities. Below the Senior staff, there are knowledgeable, experienced, honest and warm-hearted employees; A large technical staff, open to learning who believes in the virtue of hard work with solid basic knowledge. It adopts a management approach that will enable its employees to love their company, develop their creativity and always keep their excitement at a high level.
  • Management Staff; Consists of people who have internalized the mission and vision of the company, working willingly, lovingly and adapting to achieve goals. A young, dynamic, open-minded group that understand contemporary business principles, and believes in the power of sharing and being a team.
  • It fully implements the requirements of the Quality Management System it has established and continuously improves its effectiveness.
  • The undertaken work is always carried out by regularly providing a product that meets the customer demands and the current legal regulations.


  • It assures its customers that it produces products of the same quality which meet the requirements and legal regulations, therefore, increasing customer satisfaction by applying the system effectively.
  • Continually reviews the quality policy to ensure that it is compatible with the principles of the company.
  • The policy is constantly reviewed to improve its targets that are developed in line with its policy
  • Every work is done with utmost care using the best quality advanced technological facilities; Striving to be more successful each time.
  • It creates an effective control and follow-up opportunity by using contemporary management information systems.